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Benefits of BOTO PVC Vinyl Fencing
Jul 14, 2018

Benefits of BOTO PVC Vinyl Fencing

It looks amazing: with it’s clean, modern lines,  BOTO PVC vinyl fences look great on both sides, unlike its timber counterpart that has ugly railings along one side. No more fighting with your neighbours.

BOTO fence colours are immense: the wide array of designer colours in which BOTO is available means that there is definitely a colour to match the colour scheme of your property.

It’s tough: BOTO fence panels don’t burn in the sun, or in bushfires, it is indestructible by termites, and can withstand even the strongest of winds.

It is almost maintenance free: once your Colorbond fence is installed, there is really not much else to do. You don’t have to paint it, just give it a hose down to clear away dirt and grime every now and then.

It’s even environmentally friendly: made from steel, this building material is actually 100% recyclable.