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Cellular PVC Trim Advantages
Jun 30, 2018

In new construction, cellular PVC can cut installation time in half, resulting in significant savings. Stephen Sowers of Sowers Construction in Peterstown, West Virginia, uses BOTO cellular PVC products as opposed to coil wrap, and stated:

"When you install trim the old way, you lay down wood and cover it with metal coil. It can take a full day, as opposed to half a day with BOTO Trim. We use the 5/4X6 BOTO profile. Installers and their builders really save costs, and aesthetically, there’s no denting or rotting. We are in the midst of a project where we are doing a development and finished several of the homes in record time. The BOTO is also very easy to heat bend; we’ve got top window curves and used square custom made heat duct tunnels with a space heater for a consistent heating of the length of the board. Coil wrap and wood may be cheap, but when you figure in the time, labor, and subsequent poor performance and moisture damage, BOTOTrim pays for itself in no time. The long-term performance and durability is ten times better. BOTO cellular PVC trim has made metal wrap obsolete and has a strong warranty. We’ve also found it excellent for garage doors, which can get dented by objects and garbage cans being carried out. Once it gets dented or wavy from the heat, it looks awful."


Today, our time is divvied up between our careers, family, school, and social activities. Finding the necessary time to maintain and care for our homes can be a challenge and, in some cases, an afterthought. If you have hired a painter to paint your home's exterior trim once or twice, you know how expensive that can be. If you have recently moved or have been putting off painting for a number of years, you should weigh the lifecyle cost of repairs and painting every few years vs. replacing your existing wood trim with a cellular PVC product. You will find it has the ability to protect your investment, and may keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket over time.