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Cellular PVC trim Installation
Feb 27, 2018

Cellular PVC trim Installation - GENERAL 

A. Install free foam cellular PVC trim per manufacturer’s written installation instructions and as follows: 

  1. Install trim to flat, solid and stable surfaces.

2. Install trim level, plumb, true, and aligned with adjacent materials. 

3. Do not install damaged components. 

4. Fasten trim with minimum of 2 fasteners at each framing member. Refer to manufacturer’s installation instructions for recommended fastening patterns. 

5. Allow for thermal movement in long trim runs, provide a minimum of 1/8 inch movement for each 18 feet. 

6. Install fasteners not more than 2 inches from each end of trim. 

7. Bond running joints and corners with adhesive. 

8. Joinery: 

a. Trim shall be installed with minimum number of joints practical, using fulllength pieces. Do not use trim pieces less than 24 inches long for long trim runs, except where necessary. 

b. End to end joints to be scarf joints. 

c. Stagger end joints in adjacent and related members. 

d. Scribe and cut trim to fit adjoining work. 

e. Cut joints shall be fit to exclude water. 

f. Cope joints at returns and miter outside corners. 

9. Lightly sand joints after cutting.