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Differences between PVC and PE
Aug 18, 2017

Common plastic has two kinds: one kind is polyethylene film; a polyvinyl chloride film. With polyethylene film made of plastic bags is non-toxic, can be used to contain food, just some poor strength, and cannot withstand high temperatures above 80 DEG C, and a certain permeability, should not be used for holding tea, spices etc.. Plastic bags made of PVC film are toxic and therefore not suitable for direct contact with food. PVC plastics are often used as raincoats, soles, bedspreads, curtains, tablecloths, handbags and so on.

A simple method for identification of plastic bags:

1, touch method: hand with lubrication, the surface is coated with a layer of wax (chemically known as wax feeling), this is non-toxic polyethylene film; and PVC film feels a little sticky.

2, shake method: shake with your hands, crisp hair, is non-toxic polyethylene film; hand shake, deep sound for PVC film plastic bag. 3, burning method: a fire that is burning, the flame is yellow, burning wax like oil drop. And a candle burning smell, is non-toxic polyethylene film; if it is not easy to burn, the fire is extinguished, the flame was green for PVC film plastic bags.

4, immersion method: the plastic bag dipped in water, hand press it into the water, the surface of the water can be non-toxic polyethylene film; sink into the bottom of the water for PVC film plastic bag. Polyethylene English abbreviation PE, it is a polymer of ethylene, non-toxic. Easy to dye, chemical stability, cold resistance, radiation resistance, good electrical insulation. It is suitable for food and drug packaging materials, making utensils, medical equipment, can also be used as insulating materials such as electronic industry.

Polyvinyl chloride, English abbreviation for PVC, is a polymer of vinyl chloride. It has good chemical stability, acid, alkali and some chemicals. It is resistant to moisture, aging and nonflammable. It can not be used more than 60 degrees centigrade and hardens at low temperature. PVC is divided into soft plastic and hard plastic. The soft material is mainly made of film, used as packing materials, rainproof articles, agricultural seedling raising films, etc., and can also be used as insulating layer for cables and wires and artificial leather products. Made of pipes and sheets, pipes are used as pipes and pipes for conveying corrosive fluids, and sheets are used as lining and flooring for various tanks.