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How to use PVC Mouldings
Jan 25, 2018

Tools Needed to Install Moulding

Moulding installation tools.

In addition to a large variety of moulding to fit your style and budget, Boto’s has all the tools, paint and additional accessories you need to successfully transform your space:

  • Miter Box and Back Saw, or Miter Saw - Allows you to cut perfect angles.

  • Coping Saw - The thin blade allows you to carve the end of a moulding to fit flush against another piece.

  • Finishing Nailer - Can be used in place of a hammer. Note: spring action staplers should not be used on moulding.

  • Finishing Nails - Available in various sizes and materials. The most common size used in moulding is 1-1/4 in. (3d) or 1-1/2 in. (4d). Use a galvanized or stainless steel nail for outdoors.

  • Hammer - Allows you to drive a nail into a piece of moulding. Always wear safety goggles.

  • Nail Set - Drives the nail below the wood surface without marring the moulding.

  • Tape Measure - Use a 25 ft. tape measure for most applications.

  • Level - An essential tool for making sure your installation goes smoothly. Available in traditional or digital versions.

  • Goggles and Dust Mask - Proper safety precautions should be a part of every project you undertake..


For painting or staining moulding, you'll need:

  • 220 grit sandpaper

  • Caulk

  • Drop cloth

  • Rags

  • Gloves

  • Paint or stain

  • Paint brush

  • Wood putty

How to Measure a Room For Moulding

How to measure for moulding.

  • Measure the length of each wall, taking into account openings for windows and doors.

  • Remember to add ten percent to the sum total for mitering.

  • Moulding is available in a variety of lengths. Use longer lengths of moulding in larger rooms so that fewer cuts will be required.

How to Select the Right Size Moulding

While your choice of moulding style is a personal one, the size of the room and the height of the ceiling in the room play an important role in making moulding decisions. Lowe’s suggests you consider the following recommendations as a minimum size range to use based in particular to ceiling height.

Ceiling HeightCrown SizeCasing SizeBase Size
8 – 9 ft.3-1/4-in. to 4-1/4-in.2-1/4-in. to 3-1/4-in.3-1/4-in. to 4-1/4-in.
9 – 11 ft.4-1/4-in. to 5-1/4-in.2-1/4-in. to 3-1/4-in.4-1/4-in. to 5-1/4-in.
11 – 12 ft.4-5/8-in. or more3-1/4-in. or more5-1/4-in. or more
12 ft. or more7-in. or more3-1/4-in. or more7-1/4-in. or more