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Maintenance Free Fencing!
Jul 12, 2018

Maintenance Free Fencing!

Because it is virtually maintenance-free and will last for the life of the home vinyl fencing is quickly becoming  the fencing choice for many homeowners and rural properties.  There are no expensive wood treatments, no painting, no sanding, no replacement of cracked, broken and rotted boards, in fact, virtually no maintenance at all. 

Because it is a vinyl material, the colour goes all the way through each piece, so scratches will not show, and it will never weather, rot, crack, warp or chip. Also, it is UV protected so the colour will never dull or fade. 

Because of its strength and durability, the upfront costs of buying and installing vinyl fencing can sometimes be slightly higher than the traditional materials like wood or metal. But vinyl fencing typically comes with a lifetime warranty, and the cost of maintaining it is zero for the life of the fence, so the slightly higher upfront cost is offset many times over by the long-term savings in maintenance.