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PVC board of the purchase skills
Aug 18, 2017

With the development of society, we live in many places have used different types of plates, while the sheet has a different effect, the role is not the same, while a PVC plate is one of the, now appeared on the market a lot of PVC sheet, then how should we do this is a buy? A crucial step.

PVC sheet can be divided into: PVC hard, PVC soft board and PVC board of environmental protection. The PVC board has good corrosion resistance, high strength, high hardness, easy machining and welding, etc., are widely used in the acid-base pool, extraction container, such as chemical, water treatment, environmental protection equipment; PVC transparent soft plate non-toxic, health, good weather resistance, high strength, good transparency, superior physical properties organic glass. Widely used in equipment guard board, drinking water tank, liquid level display container, etc. PVC soft board is soft, wearable, acid resistant, alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, good tear resistance, good weldability. Widely used in chemical, electroplating, electrolytic bath lining, insulation cushion, etc., environmental protection PVC plate surface brightness is high, non-toxic, suitable for export quality requirements.