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PVC sheet is widely used in building materials industry, two important reasons
Aug 18, 2017

Two major reasons why PVC sheets are widely used in building materials industry are as follows:

1, with unique properties, fire-resistant, rainproof, anti-static, easy to shape.

2, with low input, high production characteristics.

However, PVC plate has the above advantages, from the analysis of the production process, the production process of the PVC is not very complex, the normal production line is generally composed of roller press, printing machine, back coating machine and cutting machine components, mainly through roller straight stirring, roller rotation, high temperature rolling thickness is only produced 0.3mm~0.7mm film production at the same time and through the positive printing machine in the film on the color, and then through the back coating machine in the back with a layer of film coating can back. However, for this layer of back coating, we should not be overlooked, because it is an important guarantee for membrane quality performance.