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The molding characteristics of PVC board
Aug 18, 2017

PVC plate with hard polyvinyl chloride as raw materials, waterproof, moisture-proof, moth. It contains flame retardant raw material, so it is safe to use. PVC plastic board are mainly plain, there are imitation pattern, marbleizing. The section of honeycomb shaped mesh structure, forming the rabbet and mortise on both sides, this is the selection of details, requirements of tongue and groove and concave tenon complete teeth straight, smooth, and no local height difference fluctuation. PVC plastic sheet from 12 to 20 yuan per square metre range, can be described as cheap and fine.  PVC plastic board features: mechanical properties, excellent electrical performance, strong acid and alkali resistance, good chemical stability, but the softening point is low. Suitable for the production of sheet metal, wire and cable insulation, seal and so on. It ranks second in global usage in a variety of synthetic materials. PVC is being produced and applied worldwide with a growth rate of 4%. In recent years, the growth of PVC plastic panels in Southeast Asia is particularly remarkable, thanks to the urgent needs of Southeast Asian countries for infrastructure construction. PVC is the most suitable material for the production of three-dimensional surface masks. PP is polypropylene. PP has excellent chemical stability and is inert for most acids, bases, salts, and oxidants.

PVC plate forming characteristics:

1. amorphous material, moisture absorption is small, poor liquidity. In order to improve liquidity and prevent the occurrence of bubbles can be pre drying. The plastic mold casting system should be thick and short, remove dust bag dust removing accessories accessories note, the gate section should be big, not dead. To be suffering from mould cooling, chrome plated surface.

2., due to its corrosion and liquidity characteristics, it is best to use special equipment and molds. All products must be joined in different quantities and quantities as required.

3. extremely easy to differentiate, with 200 degrees of temperature, and steel, copper contact more easily differentiation, differentiation, corrosion. Irritating gas. Molding temperature range is small