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Apr 02, 2018


Vinyl rail, also referred to as PVC fence, consists of hollow rails that resemble traditional wooden rails. The rails snap into vinyl posts, making the fencing easy to install.

Cost: $0.90 - $1.60 /ft (multiple rails)

Appearance: Vinyl rail fence comes in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find the look that best suits your barn. Vinyl rail closely resembles wooden rail fencing, giving any property the classic appearance of a traditional horse farm.

Advantages: Vinyl rail is virtually maintenance-free, and is highly durable. It is also very safe, since it is both visible and will give way under a strong impact. If a horse runs into the fencing, the vinyl rail fence will give without splintering, like a wooden fence would.

Disadvantages: Vinyl rail is not indestructible, and rails can pop out of their fence posts if a horse leans against them heavily. It is recommended that you pair a strand of electric fencing with your vinyl rail fence to prevent your horses from leaning against the fence