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What Are The Benefits of PVC Trim?
Jun 16, 2018

Polyvinyl-Chloride (PVC) is the third most widely produced plastic. It is the same material that is found in plumbing pipes and used for wire insulation. It is a solid, reliable and composite material that is becoming more popular for a wide range of uses.

Why should you consider using PVC?
PVC is most commonly used for it’s durability. Because is does not decay and can not be damaged by insects, it is used to replace rotted boards or wood that will most likely begin to rot in the near future. Replacing all of the house trim with PVC will prevent all future chances of dry rot or decay, and will require little or no maintenance besides an occasional paint-job. Replacing the trim of a house is becoming a popular course of action for homeowners in Southern California.

Since paint adheres comparably better to PVC than to wood, using PVC can visibly improve the quality of your home. Another positive element of PVC is that it does not expand and contract as much as wood, which is why it is more durable. Although Azek (a brand name for PVC trim) is more expensive than wood, the low maintenance isoften worth the cost. PVC comes in white, so it typically has to be painted to match any existing trim; it also comes in the same shapes and sizes as wood, so it is nearly indistinguishable from any nearby trim that has not been replaced. It is sometimes optional to not paint the PVC trim, but it tends to more easily show dirt if it does not have a good coat of paint.

A caution for PVC is the material can misshape when placed in direct sunlight. To avoid this distortion, just use vinyl-safe paint colors.

The cost of PVC and the labor for installation are the two downsides of PVC. Although the benefits do prove to out-weigh the cost, it is ultimately your decision whether or not you think the product is worth cost.

Chism Brothers Painting is located in San Diego, CA and can provide our painting customers with a quote to replace and repaint your trim work with PVC. We service San Diego and the coastal, central regions.

What do you think? Have you had experience with PVC trim? Do you like the look? Let us know what questions you have and give us your feedback.