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What is the use of PVC transparent board
Aug 18, 2017

PVC transparent board is one of the most innovative high-tech flooring materials in the world building materials industry. Polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material, through a series of physical processing process and production of a clean, clean, elastic, sound-absorbing, beautiful, generous and other functions used in the ground of high-grade decorative materials. The green environmental protection, not only light but also has strong abrasion resistance, high elasticity and strong impact resistance, anti fire retardant, is a kind of good performance, wide application, high cost far more than wood floors, marble and tile flooring etc..

(1) lightweight: usually PVC plastic flooring weight is 2-3 kg / square meter, less than 10% of the ordinary ground, in high-rise buildings for floor bearing and saving space has an unparalleled advantage.

(2) environmental protection: the main raw material usually PVC plastic floor is PVC, it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resources, relative to the wood flooring formaldehyde and other harmful substances, has the absolute advantage of environmental performance.

(3) high elasticity, impact resistance: PVC plastic floor is soft, it is very flexible and has a heavy impact on the good elastic recovery, so it can greatly reduce the slip to hurt people, at the same time of impact damage on weight has good elastic recovery, no damage.