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Why should you get vinyl siding trim
Feb 28, 2018

Why should you get vinyl siding trim?

A newly sided house just isn’t a home without quality trim. The trim work on a home can make or break a design, directly influencing the curb appeal and value of your home. Homeowners choose the best vinyl siding for insulation and appearance, don’t skip on the trim that holds it all together, literally and figuratively. The trim pieces on a vinyl siding job are the special pieces that hold the rest of the work together. The trim locks pieces in place and hides the edges of the end-panels. Undersill trim is used under windowsills and snaps onto the panel below it. Vinyl siding trim finishes off the edges of your siding and also provides channels to direct condensation away from the wall. The J-channels found in trim pieces is secure enough to keep your siding on during bad weather, but also flexible enough to allow for the natural expanding the contracting of the material. This is essential in maintaining the looks and quality of your home over years of weathering. Vinyl siding trim is almost completely maintenance free and incredibly durable. Never paint a windowsill or exterior door jamb again!

The vinyl trim used for architectural purposes is made from PVC. It is manufactured in many different lengths and widths. Compared to wood or other materials, vinyl trim is preferable because of its low maintenance, color options, and the availability of our Double Lifetime Warranty.