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Advantages Of PVC Foam Sheets
Jun 12, 2018

PVC foam sheets have many outstanding features that other materials don't have, such as:

- Hard and smooth outer surface
it is important criteria which interior manufacturers/designers interest. With this advantage, PVC Foam sheets is used for making kitchen cabinets, cabinets in bathroom, table surface in school...

- Painted outer surface of PVC Foam sheets
Customers can paint directly surface of PVC Foam sheets. Hard and smooth surface of this material is suitable to oil-paint and water-paint.

- Completely water resistant
PVC sheets are complete water resistant. So PVC Foam sheets have commonly applications where have high-moisture condition. Beside, the products are able to use in all spaces such as: living-room, bed room...

- Insects resistants
The main component of PVC Foam sheets is PVC thermoplastic so this material are able to completely insects-resistant.

- Non-toxic
PVC Foam is a sheet material which is made of PVC thermoplastic, so PVC Foam sheet is very friendly environment and non-toxic. Moreover, this material is able to recycle.

- Fire-resistant
Self extinguishing & Low Flammability: PVC Foam sheets do not maintaint fire and reduce to widespread fire. Therefore, This material is used for making ceilling, interior furniture for office buildings, tenement houses, commercial establishments and so on..., which will bring efficient and safe soluttion in the future.

- Durability (long service life)
This material has exceptional durability about 30-40 years and are suitable for strict environments which contain light acid and alkali; high degree of wetness and seawater. Therefore, interior designers and contractors often choose our material for increasing safe and warrantly of finished products.

- Simple in construction
This material is constructed by traditional tools. The tools are much like tools for constructing industrial woods.

- Cut down costs and time
The manufacturing and using PVC Foam sheets process will cut down costs and time such as: UV atomization, drying and process of making smooth surface...Moreover, the construction process of this material does not create dust as the construction process of hard-wood.

Therefore, this material for making kitchen cabinet, bookcase, shelves in bathrooms, table surface, TV cabinets, wardrobe, ceiling...
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