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Foam Core Prints Vs. PVC Board Printing
Feb 01, 2018

Foam Core Prints vs. PVC Board Printing

By Boto Plastics · 1st Feb. 2018

Foam Core Prints vs. PVC Board Printing

If you are looking for advertising prints that will last for years, there are only a few options available. You can either choose a foam core print using foam board printing materials and techniques, or you can rely on PVC board printing. This post will discuss basic information about PVC sign printing or Sintra PVC foam Board printing as well as foam core printing, their advantages, and disadvantages.

Foam core printing

Foam core printing is ideal for projects, advertising materials, and signage that do not require framing. It is more economical than most printing jobs because of the lack of framing hardware included, but of course, you can also choose to frame a foam core print.

Prints are printed on a foam board wherein images stay vibrant for longer periods of time. Foam board printing offers a moisture barrier when the image is laminated, so there is no bowing or warping even if the material is displayed for a long time and even when hung outdoors. This method is so popular because the image can be indicated by any size of foam and can even display a picture which is split from one into four sections.

PVC Board printing

PVC foam board printing or sometimes called Sintra PVC foam board printing is a new way to print marketing or advertising materials for businesses, industries, signage and more. It is more preferred especially for outdoor applications since these are very durable and are resistant to any weather.

Sintra PVC Board printing offers full-color options for a variety of requests and, therefore it can also be used indoors as well as outdoors. It can be used as shop signs, menu boards, yard signs, trade show signs and so much more. This type of PVC is super flexible, light and durable. It is made of moderately expanded closed-cell polyvinyl chloride or PVC which is extruded in a homogenous sheet. PVC printing boards have a low gloss matte finish, so prints stay dust-free, clean and are easy to maintain.

Unlike a foam board, PVC boards are available in varying thickness and may be printed on either side. This type of board produces little glare because of the textured surface. Therefore signs remain clear. PVC boards are also versatile and may be cut in different sizes and shapes.

Why PVC boards win hands down

Comparing foam core boards and PVC board prints, PVCs win hands down. The secret is the following:

  • PVC foam boards last longer and will work best outdoors and in any weather. You can guarantee that a PVC yard sign will last longer and thus will convey the message better than any other type of sign.

  • PVC foam boards are very versatile compared to foam board prints. You can use this for outdoor signage, yard signs, as restaurant menu boards, directional signs and more.

  • PVC foam boards are lighter and can withstand a few drops. This is why it’s more preferred by companies that employ human signage. Sintra PVC boards can be held all day because this is lighter and will never wear even when used continuously.

  • PVC foam board prints may be cheaper when ordered through an experienced and professional trade printer so take your time shopping for the best service and the best rates.