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May 31, 2018



foam PVC sheet products

 are perfect for the advertising and construction industries due to their flexibility, versatility, and light weight. The surface of these sheets is both smooth and bright, and many of our customers have used them to create high quality displays. 

Foam PVC has a number of important advantages over other materials, because they are non-toxic, self-extinguishing, and twice as light as regular, 

solid PVC sheets

. Consequently, they also have good insulation, lower heat transfer, a low water absorption rate, and excellent gloss or matt finish. That's why foam PVC sheets are also approved for use in digital printing. Finally, these sheets can be nailed and bolted or vacuum formed.

We offer a variety of both standard and designer 

premium colours

, including black, green, blue yellow, grey, red, and white. Our foam sheets are available in a number of 

different sizes

 to best suit your project. You have your choice of a thickness factor of 25mm, 20mm, 19mm, 15mm, or 1-13mm, and dimensions of 2030x3050, 1560x3050, and 1220x2440.