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Get To Know All Of Our Fencing Products
Apr 23, 2018

Get to Know All of Our Fencing Products

Not only do we offer industry-leading privacy fencing, but BOTO can meet all of your other vinyl fencing needs as well. From horse fences and pool fences to picket fences, railings and every kind of accent and accessory, we have everything you need to give your outdoor setting the elegant look you have always wanted.

Our line of vinyl fencing products includes:

Privacy Fencing

Add style and distinction to your yard all while providing privacy, safety and peace of mind. We offer a wide variety of private fencing styles to ensure that you find the perfect option to complement your home and your property.

Semi-Privacy Fencing

Our semi-privacy fencing options offer a multitude of functions for your home. They’ll give you the seclusion you desire and will help ensure the safety of children and pets. And on top of that, they’re a gorgeous addition to your property.

No matter which design you choose, our semi-privacy vinyl fences will add a beautiful depth and design to your yard that will last for years to come.

Pool Fencing

We offer vinyl pool fencing options to suit all of your pool, patio, lawn and backyard needs. Install a Weatherables pool fence around any part of your property and you can count on a safe and secure fencing unit that is equipped with self-closing hinges and a latch that can be locked from both sides of the gate.

Picket Fencing

Picket fences are the ideal accessory to any yard, and Weatherables makes a variety of vinyl picket fences that will give your home the classic look it deserves.

With a bottom rail reinforced with aluminum for increased durability and strength, a Weatherables picket fence is the type of addition to your property you’ll enjoy for decades to come.

Horse Fencing

With a 20-year record and an A+ BBB rating, we have sold more horse fencing than any other company and are the largest worldwide wholesale manufacturer of horse fencing on the Internet.

Our vinyl horse fences are 20-50 percent thicker than our competitors’ offerings, resulting in strong, durable, impact-resistant products that are built to last.