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How To Improve The Disadvantage Of PVC Foam Board Building Materials Easy To Fade Away
Jun 11, 2018

PVC foam board: how to improve the disadvantage of PVC building materials easy to fade away
Weatherability of PVC building materials is an important measure of performance. Its high and low bearing on the weatherability of PVC building materials, recently, launching two technology lessons abroad. Are summarized below:

First, using nano-cerium oxide to improve past weather resistance, for improving weatherability of PVC foam board building materials is adding benzene in light of vinyl chloride resin and UV absorbers such as a ketone and benzene. But because of the UV absorbers. Because of UV absorbers under the action of heat and light volatile and deterioration of metamorphic, to make the weatherability of PVC building materials to retain high. In addition, deterioration of UV absorbers will undermine the transparency of PVC building materials. Vinyl resins, stabilizers, slip agents, processing AIDS, modifiers, plasticizers, fillers, anti-oxidants, UV absorption agent added to a mixture consisting of nano-oxide CE or use it to replace UV absorber, can significantly enhance the weatherability of PVC building materials, keep long-term good mechanical strength and transparency.
Second, using mixed-oxide titanium titanium oxide for improving weatherability of PVC building materials could be improved weatherability and hiding power, prevent fading and easy coloring, trapped in the oxidation of titanium in PVC building materials commonly used. But now in vinyl chloride resin based material mixed only added in the rutile type sharp titanium titanium oxide, not yet fully improved weatherability.