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How To Install PVC Plastic Baseboard Molding
Dec 08, 2017

Step 1

Measure the length of each wall to determine the necessary length for each piece of plastic baseboard molding.

Step 2

Mark the molding pieces where you need to cut. Place the molding in a miter box, lining up the cut mark with the appropriate miter box slot. Slots are either 90-degree or 45-degree, left or right.

Step 3

Cut the plastic baseboard molding using a miter saw. Draw the saw back and forth slowly to start the cut. Saw carefully to ensure you avoid chipping the baseboard material.

Step 4

Place the plastic baseboard against the wall to ensure you cut it correctly. Attach the baseboard to the wall using a hammer and 1-inch finish nails.

Step 5

Repeat steps 2 through 3 to finish installing the plastic baseboard molding around the other walls in the room.