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Modern Baseboard Styles
Mar 19, 2018

Modern Baseboard Styles

Modern Baseboard Styles

Modern interior designs tend to be unsophisticated and minimalist. They play with either monochromatic or soft pastel colors.

Just because being unsophisticated, it does not mean that you look down on what baseboards can do to accentuate the modern look of your house. Baseboards also play an important role in creating the modern ambience.


To create a modern look, you should use narrow baseboards. The narrower the better. There is a technique reveal base ─ a small piece of metal or plastic that is installed to separate the base of the wall and the floor. It is so small that you might not notice it, unless you paint it using the color that contrasts sharply with the wall.

But it doesn’t mean that you have to paint it differently. You can paint the baseboards using the same color as the wall, to create an ultra clean look. Using a plain baseboard trim without any moldings will be great. Despite being a subtle add-on to your house, it still creates an impressive look.


  • It will be less expensive.

  • You will not have much work to do during the installation.


  • The bbaseboardsdo not provide a significant effect to your house so that it tends to be dispensable.