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PVC Foam Board Application
Jun 14, 2018

PVC Foam Board Applications:

1) Advertising: signs, displays, pop-up displays, exhibition boards
2) Building: models, partitions, wall cladding, indoor or outdoor decoration, air conditioning ducts, windows and false ceilings
3) Industrial use: wall claddings, control cabinets and panels, structures for corrosive environments, ducts.
The Advantages of PVC Foam Board

The characteristics and advantages of pvc foam board: 1. the color is gorgeous, and the effect is marked 2. It is resistance to high temperature resistant, climate change and environmental protection3. Not easy deformation, not easy to fade away (general for color can 5 to 8 years) 4. It has excellent corrosion resistance 5. Its features are the rain proof, fire prevention, prevention of spontaneous combustion. This company can meet customers’ requirements different specifications of all kinds of plastic absorbing light box signs.