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PVC Foam Kitchen Cabinets
May 16, 2018
PVC Foam Kitchen Cabinets

The best thing about PVC foam boards is that they are available in matt/glossy finishes that can be used directly for the kitchen storage cabinets. However, any raw surface can get scratches; hence we recommend using laminates or films for such surfaces.

The only disadvantage of PVC cabinets is it needs skilled carpenter for fixing the furniture. Even improper screwing in the boards can cause sagging of shutters and drawers.

PVC foam boards are giving a real competition to traditional wooden cabinets. It is time to replace old wooden cabinets with these PVC foam boards and have maintenance free cabinets.

Hollow PVC kitchen cabinets and foam PVC cabinets provide you with the same look but different strength. Hollow PVC kitchen cabinets are cheap but PVC foam boards are as strong as wood kitchen cabinets. Thus, PVC kitchen made of foam boards are reliable and remarkable material for kitchen cabinets.

However, everyone has its own taste to select a material but it is necessary to select your cabinet material wisely. Hope this pros & cons of PVC over wooden cabinets will help you to choose a right material for your kitchen storage cabinets. As the right choice of material will give you not only the good-looking kitchen but also a maintenance free kitchen!