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PVC Plate In Accordance With The Process Can Be Divided Into Several Categories
Aug 18, 2017

PVC board is a kind of plastic board product which is extruded or laminated by PVC adding stabilizer and other auxiliary material. According to the PVC sheet process, it can be divided into extrusion plate and laminated plate:

Extrusion plate

The extrusion plate is composed of PVC adding accessories after mixing extrusion molding, extrusion plate is divided into hard and soft board.

[1].PVC extrusion hard: smooth surface, a flame retardant, insulation, moisture-proof, insulation, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, deformation resistance, the advantages of light, anti fading, good weather resistance etc.. Widely used in shock, corrosion protection containers, equipment, electrical shields, light boxes, buildings, hardware decoration and interior and exterior decoration.

Specification size: thickness 1.5--20mm, any length X1300mm width.

The extrusion of [2].PVC soft board: the surface is smooth, no cracks, no bubbles, uniform color, has the characteristics of cold and heat resistance, aging resistance, tensile strength, good transparency, long service life, can be used as a civilian decoration, but also can be used as industrial plate, mainly used for shops, shopping malls, factories, and other desktop decoration aisle curtain plate.

Size: width 1000-1300mm.

Thickness 1--6mm, length arbitrary.

Laminated board

The laminate is subjected to pressure, and then extended into a thin piece, and then through the superposition of heating and pressurizing synthetic board.

Features: smooth surface, smooth, no cracks, no bubbles, the color is generally gray, white, can produce blue, black, computer, color, etc.;

Use: PVC and after two times of processed into all kinds of acid and alkali corrosive chemical equipment. Widely used in the chemical industry, electroplating, smelting, water treatment industry, today's building and decoration materials industry using PVC board as a template, the demand is great. But it should not be used as food container.

At present, the construction template industry development is in full swing, more and more building template products have been put into use, extrusion plate and laminated board is PVC plate process of two.