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PVC Sheet Vacuum Forming Process
Aug 18, 2017

Vacuum forming process is as follows: the plastic sheet is heated to a certain temperature, then the vacuum forming mold, negative pressure through the hole on the die plate, under the atmospheric pressure, attached to the outer wall of the mold, cooling after molding.

The specific process is as follows: first, the PVC tablet into a certain size according to the product requirements for cutting, clamping machine will be fixed, and a heater (generally thinner sheets, with a single heating can, when the sheet thickness is greater than 3mm, the double side heating oven heating, or give a certain temperature and control) time. The heating sheet is placed on the mold to contact the forming surface of the mold, and the vacuum system is started to vacuum forming.

After the plastic suction is finished, water mist is formed to cool (or forced air flow to cool), and when cooled to below the deforming temperature, the compressed air can be blown back or mechanically removed. Release time must be appropriate, high temperature products easy deformation, low temperature caused by demoulding difficult. After trimming, the product is obtained.