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PVC What Are The Boards For?
Aug 18, 2017

PVC plate description

1. hardness PVC, the chemical properties of the plate is relatively stable. It has many excellent properties, such as corrosion resistance, insulation, UV resistance, and high strength and hardness. PVC plate surface is smooth, not easy to deformation. It can be used in many industries.

2. soft PVC sheet material in the use of more effort. The production is very fine, too. Used as interior decoration is more common.  Excellent weldability, and PVC board also has wear-resistant, acid and alkali. At the same time, the physical properties are not lower than those of other rubber products, and even better than these products.

PVC plate usage

1.pvc plate transparent panels are produced with advanced raw material as auxiliary material. With white, brown, blue and other colors of various C PVC transparent plate. This kind of PVC board is mainly used in interior decoration, instrument level display and equipment guard board and other parts.

2.pvc sheet with soft and hard points, soft PVC sheet soft surface.  At the same time a variety of colors. The use of fine raw materials, fine production. Is the first choice of raw materials for trains, cars and interiors. It can also be used for insulating cushion. It's very good supporting material.

The 3.pvc sheet is also made of high quality plastic board, and its function can also replace some stainless steel and some synthetic materials with corrosion resistance. PVC sheet materials are widely used in chemical processing equipment and environmental protection equipment. Decoration and communication are also applied to PVC boards.