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Accessories Like Screws, Cement, Plug, Hidden Fasteners, PVC Mouldings,PVC Glue for Trim and Moulding Installation

BOTO MOULDINGS are the perfect replacement of wood, with features of eco-friendly, lifetime never rot, low maintanance, moisture & termite proof, easy to install, does not promote mold or mildew.
Product Details:

PVC mouldings

BOTO MOULDINGS are the perfect replacement of wood, with features of eco-friendly, lifetime never rot, low maintanance, moisture & termite proof, easy to install, does not promote mold or mildew, save time and labor with high energy efficiency, not easy to scratch, no painting required unless desired. When you think of moulding, we are an enduring solution for all your moulding need.



PVC crown moulding

Crown Mouldings provide a variety of application and aesthetic options. Traditionally used at the junction of a wall and ceiling, they can also be combined with other profiles to create classic build-outs and ornate decorative effects along the rake, above windows and doors, and at the capital and base of columns.



PVC casing moulding

Casing profiles are decorative mouldings typically used flush against a wall, door or window to create surrounds. They can be used as a single moulding profile or combined with other profile styles to dramatically transform window and door aesthetics.



PVC sill & drip moulding

Sill &Drip profiles can be used as a brick ledge or water table to separate two different material veneers. These profiles also offer architectural detail and assist with water management around doors, windows and cladding.



Bead board & column warp




BOTO Trim&Moulding products can be easily installed using standard woodworking equipment.




• BOTO PVC trim, sheet and Moulding products should be stored on a flat and level surface. PVC products are more flexible than wood, they may deform on uneven surfaces. Ensure that storage areas, as well as all framing and substructures, are flat and level to minimize uneven surfaces .

• Products are shipped with a protective covering. If covering has been removed, take care to keep product free of dirt and debris at jobsite. If product gets dirty, clean after installation. Care should be taken to avoid damage to the ends, edges and surfaces.




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