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PVC Moulding Trimboard

PVC Moulding Trimboard
PVC Moulding is the perfect replacement for wood, with features of eco-friendly, lifetime never rot, low maintenance, moisture & termite proof, easy install, does not promote mold or mildew, save time/laser with high energy efficiency. Not easy to scratch.No painting required unless desired. PVC moulding is widely used in construction and house decoration.
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PVC Moulding Trimboard

PVC moulding trimboard are durable and easy to install. They can be sawed, drilled, nailed and glued like wood. PVC moldings trimboard are more flexible than wood. These products also resist splintering, decaying, and insect infestation. PVC mouldings trimboard will not delaminate like wood.

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PVC moulding trimboardhas produced a radical change in construction. It is a consistent, workable material that is simply impervious to weather. It cuts, routs, mills, and fastens with conventional woodworking tools. Because PVC mouldings are cost-effective and indistinguishable from wood, they are often used for water table boards, drip edges, and kick-boards. PVC moulding trimboard paints beautifully and lasts longer than when painted on wood.

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