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PVC Trim

BOTO PVC trim is easy to work similar to wood,but much less maintenance than wood. BOTO PVC trim is available with a smooth finish on both sides,or texture on one side and smooth on the other. BOTO PVC trim is high-performance trim product,it can be sealed edges based on your requirement. Over time, dirt will collect on the edges but a sealed edges allows the dirt to be washed off easily.
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    PRIVACY VINYL FENCING Polvin’s PVC Privacy Fencing products offer a stylish alternative to traditional steel and timber. The advantages of PVC Privacy Fencing are as follows: No Rusting Plant your flowers and garden as close to the fence as you like. There is no risk of rust. Furthermore unlike...
  • Decorative PVC Moulding
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    Decorative PVC Moulding

    Decorative PVC Moulding THE PIECE THAT BRINGS IT ALL TOGETHER Moulding completes the look of any space by adding depth, texture and contrast. Not only is moulding aesthetically pleasing, it can add value to your home and provides an extra layer of protection for walls. Woodgrain Distribution...
  • Exterior PVC Moulding
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    Exterior PVC Moulding

    Exterior PVC Moulding SUPERIOR EXTERIOR PROTECTION The exposed trim work is a small, yet significant, detail to the overall craftsmanship of a home. Exterior moulding is a functional component to sealing and protecting the home, while also adding character and style. Woodgrain Distribution...
  • Extruded Cellular PVC Mouldings J Channel
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    Extruded Cellular PVC Mouldings J Channel

    Extruded Cellular PVC Mouldings Work Hard Inside And Out BOTO Building Products manufactures dozens of commonly used interior and exterior trim products vital to clean, attractive, finished construction—including crown mouldings, casings and trim profiles as well as sills and brickmoulds and...
  • PVC Trim Board For Home Deco
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    PVC Trim Board For Home Deco

    PVC trim board for home deco A good choice now. A great choice years from now. Unfinished, Boto Plastics trim boards look like painted wood. If you prefer to paint them, Boto Plastics PVC trim boards hold paint much better than wood, especially in damp climates and extreme temperatures. In...
  • PVC Trim Building Materials
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    PVC Trim Building Materials

    PVC trim building matrials Benefits of PVC Trim Building Materials: No Face Nailing Continuous Nailing Flange Optional Built-In J-Channel High-Quality Cellular PVC Low Maintenance No Waste Does Not Require Painting ( although painting is an option ) One of the processes of exterior trim...
  • Cellular PVC Trim Basics
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    Cellular PVC Trim Basics

    Cellular PVC Trim Basics Manufacturer Spotlight: BOTO Cellular PVC Trim Building Products BOTO Cellular PVC Trim Building Products is a manufacturer of cellular PVC products. All downloads below are courtesy of BOTO Building Products. Many material types have emerged over the past decade or so...
  • PVC Foam Board
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    PVC Foam Board

    PVC Foam Board Manufacturer PVC foam board is one of the world's largest production of plastic products, can also be seen from the product needs and application areas is how broad. Polyvinyl chloride resin itself is a light yellow powder or white, according to the specific use of the product...
  • PVC Foam Board For Furniture Making
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    PVC Foam Board For Furniture Making

    PVC Foam Boarf for Furniture Making Tables, chairs, beds, kitchen cabinets, partition and floor, wall, ceiling tiles made of PVC Foam Board are appropriate for: - Family interior - Office interior - Restaurant, Café interior Why PVC Foam Board for furniture making is going to be trendsetting in...
  • PVC Foam sheet For Cabinet Making
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    PVC Foam sheet For Cabinet Making

    PVC foam board/sheet for cabinet making Pvc foam board(sheet), a kind of high-tech product, is produced by special machinery and technology processing. The main material PVC resin can be foamed and extruded into a special sheet with many advantages, such as glossy or matt surface, waterproof,...
  • PVC Foam Board Building Materials
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    PVC Foam Board Building Materials

    PVC foam board is a material commonly used for screen and digital printing, advertising, insulation and a variety of applications in corrosive environments because of its strong yet lightweight properties. This material is also utilized in construction applications due to its versatility,...
  • Decorative PVC Trim
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    Decorative PVC Trim

    Decorative PVC Trim pieces are designed to add distinction and makes the difference between and average and an "upscale" look. Incorporating accessories like Super Corners , Window & Door Lineals , Door Surrounds , Shutters , Mantels and Decorative...
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